is the beating heart of Panizzi, the vineyard where the winery was born and as a whole currently consists of a vineyard area of ​​7.20 hectares.
 It is located just over 1,500 meters west of the town of San Gimignano.

The altitude, on the highest point of Santa Margherita hill, identified by a large maritime pine facing the city, is 310 meters above sea level. From here the vineyards gently roll down towards the 4 cardinal points.

Santa Margherita is split in two parts.

The first of just under 4.00 hectares (the historical ones, from which everything started) is located on the south, south-west and south-east slopes, with vineyards located between 310 and 290 meters above sea level, with soils characterized by sands (tuff) and yellow clay, divided as follows: