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The unique scent of Vernaccia

Vernaccia di San Gimignano is born from the sum of our vineyards, located at different altitudes and with different soils, and thus perfectly summarizes the newest Vernaccia vintage.

Vernaccia defies time

Vernaccia is subtle and nervous, lean but essential. On the palate it shows marked acidity and important structure. A fine acidic blade extends its sapid mouthfeel.

A boundless white... in barrique

A boundless white wine with excellent evolutionary skills: this is Vernaccia, a wine with an extraordinary potential for aging,

Vernaccia 2020: our first organic vintage

This difficult 2020 gave us the satisfaction of a fantastic Vernaccia vintage: fermented sur lie in stainless steel, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano Panizzi 2020 is fresh,

Rise and shine, little bud!

Cheers! Rise and shine, little bud!
The grape starts its annual growth cycle in the spring with bud break.

Going back to the soil

The aging in barriques of our Vernaccia Riserva goes on slowly and patiently for years in our cellar and, in a certain sense, the wine returns to the earth from which it was born.

The name is the place

We had the honour of welcoming Fernando Pardini in Panizzi and with the occasion we opened some bottles of our Cru Vigna Santa Margherita.

The silent evolution...

While we are preparing the vineyards for bud-breaking, the cellar becomes the place of silent evolution. Vernaccia is one of the few white wines whose production code details the rules of Riserva production.

Our steps, our footprints

Cantine d’Italia 2021, the enotourist guide, awarded us with 2 “impronte” and includes Panizzi among the great places to stop for an immersive wine tasting experience

The Vernaccia of contemporaneity

"... an innate aptitude to foresee the evolution in time and the courage to bet on it": these are the words with which Fernando Pardini of has captured the most genuine spirit of the Panizzi winery,

From Panizzi… with Love!

"Love and do what you want; and if you are silent, be silent for love; and if you talk, talk for love..."

EVOÈ: give me a bucket!

Evoè! With this ancient ovation we tasted with Sabrina Somigli from Intravino two vintages of Panizzi's most experimental and innovative wine, Evoè bianco di Toscana IGT.

Waiting for the buds...

Pruning is a silent work done in the cold of winter. It is a solitary, very meditative job, each one works for himself, immersed in the silence of the vineyards

Panizzi wines: a year of awards

2020 was an unimaginable year, also full of satisfactions for Panizzi, with flattering confirmations and news that project us into the future.

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