We had the honour of welcoming Fernando Pardini in Panizzi and with the occasion we opened some bottles of our Cru Vigna Santa Margherita.

The first vintage is 2003 and, as the master puts it, the name is the place. We're happy to share with you some of this tasting note, you can read all his notes in the article dedicated to the tasting session of Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

VERNACCIA DI SAN GIMIGNANO VINEYARD SANTA MARGHERITA 2013: Substantial, typical, earthy, the mixture of flavors brings to mind an old fashioned Vernaccia but without rustic drifts. If anything, tactile sensation on the palate announces tenacity and firmness, without ever losing control of shape and correctness in tones. The tangle of aromas, including dried fruit, peat and balsamic noes, accompany the tasty sapidity, concrete and without imprecisions.

VERNACCIA DI SAN GIMIGNANO VINEYARD SANTA MARGHERITA 2015: A Chablis in San Gimignano. Herbs, hay, dried fruit, peat, mint and lime blossom outline a noble, complex aromatic picture, open to the most subtle details and perfectly tuned in every voice. The mouth, in full correspondence, will appear elegantly resolved, wide, fresh and diffusive. A very good achievement indeed.

VERNACCIA DI SAN GIMIGNANO VINEYARD SANTA MARGHERITA 2018: Wide and enveloping rather than slender, it releases an innate fraction of sweetness according to a broad gait that still flashes an intriguing mineral light. Pleasant and polite, the buttery sensation serves as a backup to the typical hints of aromatic herbs and to those, even deeper and subcutaneous, of flint.